A great selection with cobalt blue (of course!) colored blossoms. Introduced by Beth Chatto. We need to thank Roger Gossler for passing this on to us!

Vigorous and floriferous grower. Four foot long stalks of dark purple blooms! Incredible selection. Zone 7b

A great grandiflora selection from Ohio with an exceptional display of white bloom in the spring, fruit in the summer and scarlet-orange fall color. Zone 4-8
An excellent selection made by Will Wandell. Plants are vigorous with terrific white flowers, purplish fruit and scarlet fall color. 15’x 20-25’. Zone 4-8. Plant royalty applies for this plant.

An outstanding selection that thrives on alkaline soils and is relatively drought tolerant. Most likely a hybrid of Arbutus x andrachnoides with A. canariensis. Zone 7-9

A great selection that grows about 6 to 8 feet wide and tall. Deep pink flowers and showy orange-red fruits appear in the fall and persist through the fall and winter months. Zone 7-9.

‘My Mary’ is a hybrid of the late George Beasley and named to honor his wife. In mid to late spring this hybrid of the Florida flame azalea is smothered in soft yellow and orange blossoms that are intensely fragrant. The tubular flowers are sterile. Multi-stemmed bush 4’x4’. Zone 5b-9.

Creamy white flowers with a yellow blotch. Floriferous. 4’x5’. Plant royalty applies for this plant.

A white-barked paper birch selected and introduced by Evergreen Nursery Company. Plant habit is broad, dense and pyramidal form. This paper birch was a selection from test plots containing hybrids of known bronze birch borer resistant parents. It is the most drought tolerant selection of the Renaissance series of birches. Sold to licensed growers only. Zone 3-7b
An outstanding selection of paper birch by Evergreen Nursery Co. This form of paper birch has proven itself to be highly resistant to the bronze birch borer. The habit is an upright pyramidal form at maturity with clean non-exfoliating white bark. This birch should prove itself to be excellent when grown in a clump or as a specimen. Foliage is dark green changing to yellow in the fall. Sold to licensed growers only. Zone 3-7b

An exceptionally beautiful dark purple leaf hybrid birch with white bark from Evergreen Nursery Co. Inc. This is a hybrid of the ‘Whitespire’ birch and ‘Crimson Frost’ birch. An excellent grower, it’s considered by both the introducer and other growers as a distinct improvement over ‘Crimson Frost’ birch. Plants are vigorous, upright growing with white bark and deep red-purple leaves. Available for licensed growers. Zone 3-7b

An elegant birch with very clean, bright white bark that peels. Plants are upright growing and vigorous. Not for areas with the bronze birch borer. Every year, I like this birch even more! Zone 4 -7b.

An excellent selection that was discovered and introduced by the late Earl Cully in the 1979. The plant is a vigorous growing form of river birch with salmon pink to cream to cinnamon brown colored bark. 40-70’ tall x 30-40’ wide. Zone 4-9. Limited availability
Please inquire about availability.

An eye catching variegated Cordyline. Leaves are green with nearly white, wide margins and a reddish lower mid rib. A very nice plant and a good grower too. Alas, not as hardy. Zone 8b-9 AGM 2004

A new golden leaved selection from Plant Haven and the Dutch nursery, of Willem A. Sanders. Striking lime green to golden foliage adorn this vigorous growing shrub. Beautiful fall colors of salmon pink, orange and yellow. An exciting new specimen for the shrub border. We were pleased to help the introducers launch this plant in the US. Zone 5-8. Plant royalty applies for this plant.

A superb smoketree with the deepest dark burgundy purple foliage that you can imagine. We’ve been growing and watching this for several years and it simply is a great plant. Foliage is very dark (more so than other Cotinus selections) and plants are very floriferous. Originally introduced from Sebastopol, California in about 1994. Probably zone 5-8.

An amazing smoketree that is rarely found anywhere! This jewel is truly a favorite of several plant experts! A very floriferous smoketree with mounds of pink smoke flowers in spring and summer. Leaves are dark blue-green. If unpruned, bushy plants will reach 10-15 feet tall x 10-18 feet wide. Selected and introduced by Newport Nursery (Newport, MI) in 1959 (originally patented, US PP #1844 – and now expired). Plants are hardier than most smoketrees. Zone 4b to 8.

A very hardy and excellent purple smoketree from England. A bit hardier and a larger grower than most Cotinus. Leaves turn to beautiful red to orange autumn colors. Zone 4-8.

An excellent smoketree with velvety deep purple foliage. Great when grown as a colorful small shrub or tree. Wonderful in the perennial garden. Our selection came from Holland. Zone 5-8.

A selection from purple smoketree seedlings by Newport Nursery of Newport, Michigan and introduced by the Cole Nursery of Circleville, Ohio. Foliage is a deep dusty smoky purple color. Still rarely seen. Zone 5-8.

A very floriferous smoketree that blooms with a cloud of smoky pink flowers from June through August. This plant is relatively compact with green foliage that turns a mix of pink, orange and mostly yellow in the autumn. 6-9’ tall x 6-8’ wide. Zone 4b-9.

This is a very beautiful, low growing evergreen groundcover. Yellow blooms appear in April-May above the foliage. Best in part to near full shade. 10-18” x 10-18”. Zone 5-8.

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A very bright colored gold form of Japanese forest grass for partial shade. Plants are both vigorous and mounded. Plants typically grow 12-15” tall x 18-24” wide. Zone 5-9.

A very colorful and low maintenance perennial grass. This grass is excellent with other shade loving perennials, such as hosta. Plants are a beacon of color from the gold and green striped variegated foliage. 12” tall x 12-18” wide. 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year. Zone 5-9.

Please inquire for custom propagation

Please inquire for custom propagation
A new and excellent hydrangea developed by US National Arboretum shrub breeding program in Tennessee. A compact and dense shrub that grows 3 feet tall X 4-5 feet wide (in 9 years). In late summer, plants are very showy in bloom with white blossoms that eventually turns to medium pink shades. Zone 5-8.

A compact or dwarf form of oak leaf hydrangea that grows 3-4 feet tall. In late summer, plants are very showy in bloom. Creamy blooms are 4-5 inches long. Zone 5-8.

An exciting new oak leaf hydrangea from Dr. Sandy Reed’s program at the US National Arboretum in Tennessee. Large nine inch panicles of pure white blooms that turn to a deep rose color. Very unique and a terrific addition to the oakleaf hydrangeas. 3-4 feet tall x 5 feet wide. Zone 5-8.

An Aldridge Nursery (Bessemer, AL) introduction with enormous (12 -15” long) panicles of double, sterile white blooms that appear on arching branches. A plant with exceptional grace and beauty! Zone 5-8.

A banded flower with cinnamon red and a white edge. Red bronze new growth. Vigorous.
A banded flower with white and purplish cinnamon colors.

A compact grower with very light pink buds and open to white flowers. Beautiful foliage, dense habit and easy to grow.

A little leaf Kalmia with red buds that open in to pink flowers. Plants are compact growing with glossy, green foliage. Very nice. Plant royalty applies for this plant.
This terrific Kalmia has one inch blooms with reddish brown banding in each blossom. Very glossy, deep green foliage on a compact growing plant. Very easy to grow little leaf hybrid from Richard Jaynes.
A red bud with an open pink flower. Very glossy green foliage.
A red bud Kalmia with superb foliage. This form appears to have wider foliage than the original selection that was introduced by John Eichelser in 1978. Red buds open white. Excellent grower.

Rich deep pink buds open to pink blossoms. AGM 2002

Pink buds open to light pink flowers. Healthy and beautiful wide green glossy foliage. Excellent grower. (Eichelser)

Pure white flowers and buds on a compact growing plant.
This compact hybrid from Dick Jaynes with pink buds that open to light pink flowers. Very healthy and easy to grow.
A 1975 introduction by Dick Jaynes. The pink buds open to blush pink flowers. The leaf spot resistant foliage is long, narrow (willow like) and recurved. Very unusual and distinctive.
Large, 8-10“ diameter blossoms with pastel pink tepals opening to flowers of blush pink to white. This deciduous, upright growing magnolia is perhaps one of Auggie Kehr’s finest hybrids. Blossoms are delightfully fragrant and are on display for 2-3 weeks in late spring. A cross of ‘Woodsman’ with the Gresham hybrid ‘Tina Durio’. Mature size: 15-18’ tall x 4-8’ wide in 10 years. Zone 5b or 6? to 9.

A Kosar hybrid from the US National Arboretum breeding program. ‘Galaxy’ is a columnar shaped, single stemmed deciduous tree – growing 20’ tall x 8’ wide in 10 years. A profusion of large (8-10”), dark reddish-purple blossoms appear late after spring frosts. Winner of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Soc. Gold Medal. Zone 5-9.

Sometimes referred to as Ned’s Northern Belle. This is a very hardy evergreen sweetbay magnolia. An upright grower that typically has a single stemmed habit. Leaves are evergreen and a nice, dark green color. Growth rate is moderate to fast. Sweet lemon scented blossoms are cup-shaped, creamy white and produced in late spring and early summer. It has proven to be very winter hardy, withstanding -35º F. A Ned Rader selection. Zone 4a-9.

Heritage Trees Inc. introduced this sweetbay magnolia. This selection has a very upright habit of growth (usually multistem), beautiful dark green foliage and blooms over a long period of time during the late spring. Ultimate plant size is 35 feet tall by 18 feet wide. Growth rate is moderate to fast. Sweet scented blossoms are cup-shaped, creamy white and produced at a very young age. It has proven to be very winter hardy. The plant has withstood -33º F without damage. Zone 4b -9. Sold to licensed growers only.

An excellent compact selection with year round interest. Beautiful colorful foliage on a plant growing to 3-3 1/2 feet x 3 feet wide. Zone 6-9. Inquire about availability.

Please inquire regarding availability.
Exceptional glossy deep green foliage that is covered below in brown indumentum. Light pink blossom that appear in tall trusses (early to midseason). H2.

This excellent specimen has twisted and contorted branches, stems and even leaves! This tree is very attractive in and out of leaf. Plants are vigorous, tough, hardy. and typically reach 8-14’ tall. Zone 4-8. Sold to licensed growers only.

Please inquire regarding availability.
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This is a delightful vining plant with large flat bloom clusters with rose pink colored bracts. Summer blooming and best in part to full shade. Still difficult to find! Zone 5-9. AGM winner.
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Deep purple, double. Excellent.

Huge florets of deep purple, single.

A Hulda Klager hybrid having panicles with large, triple lavender-pink blossoms that are very fragrant.

A terrific single purplish red lilac from Father Fiala. Profuse blooming with large florets. Very nice.

A lilac with yellow/cream/green splashed variegated foliage. It is a sport of ‘President Grevy’ and has the same double lilac-blue flowers.

Red purple, double. A very popular Lemoine hybrid.

A Havemeyer selection with huge clusters of deep magenta red florets. The florets are like-wise large and single. A very beautiful lilac in bloom with its nodding blooms.

Upon Havemeyer’s death Mark Eaton evaluated and introduced some exceptional lilacs. And this is one of them with large single purple florets in enormous clusters. One of the finest of the Havemeyer lilacs and extremely difficult to find.

A selection of Japanese Tree lilac with ivory white, fragrant blossoms that appear atop plants in May to July. Plants are hardy (zone 3-7) with attractive copper colored bark.

A low growing lilac with pink buds opening to a lighter pink color. Very fragrant. Plants are typically 4-5’ x 4-5’. Zone 3-7.

A superb Victor Lemoine hybrid with lavender to pink double florets.

Truly one of the finest lilacs ever produced! Exceptional display of double, white flowers brushed with pale lavender. Floriferous and dependable.

Purple, single flowers.

White, double and vigorous.

A Dr. Frank Skinner hyacinthiflora hybrid with superb, single white florets. Early, profuse blooming on an upright hardy shrub.

A very double (nearly triple!) deep purple and silver-white colored hybrid from the talented breeder, Hulda Klager. Very attractive, unusual and still rare!

Deep red to magenta with a contrasting lighter color (difficult to describe!) and double. An excellent hybrid from Lemoine.

A Hulda Klager hybrid with bright reddish pink florets in large panicles. Plants are very early to bloom and bloom at a young age. Beautiful and uncommon.

Blue, double and vigorous. An excellent grower.

Very blue, single, popular and a good grower.

Yellow to cream, single. Unique.

We’ve watched this plant for over 10+ years and decided to offer it again this year. Plants are compact (4’ in 10 years) with deep red buds that open pink and are fragrant. We often get repeat blooming during the summer months. Apparently, a hybrid of julianae ‘Hers’ with the Meyer lilac. Delightful! Zone 4-7 (Max Peterson)

An exceptionally fine hybrid from Havemeyer with large single deep purplish red florets. Profuse bloomer.

Florets are a burgundy red color with a white edge. We can make no guarantee as to the stability of the flower color – as this plant is an unstable chimera. BUT… it really is a beauty!

Very early bloom. Pink florets open to delicate white double blossoms. Zone 3-7.

A Fiala hybrid with sky blue single florets on a compact growing plant. Profuse bloom. Just exceptional!

Very deep, dark purple with single florets, very fragrant. Prolific bloomer and an exceptional lilac. A Father Fiala hybrid.

A compact low spreading lilac with pale pink to lilac colored fragrant blooms. Profuse blooming in midseason. Plants typically are 4-5’ tall x 5-7’ wide. Zone 4-7.

The common white lilac. Very fragrant, single white flowers appear on a large, vigorous plant. Zone 3-7.